Payment Policy

Lessons are charged at the end of the month after the lessons are completed.

You will receive an invoice through email on the 1st of the month for the lessons in the previous month. If you feel there is an error please contact us before the 3rd of the month.

On the 3rd of the month we will charge you for the invoiced amount. You have two options for payment:

  • A draft from your checking account. (ACH)
  • AMEX, Visa, MasterCard or Discover Card.

We do not accept cash or check payments.

Annual Rate Increase
Every January there is a small annual rate increase.  Typically this is $1 per lesson.  Notification will be sent out 30 days prior if the rate is increased by more than 5%.

There are no long term contracts or commitments. 

To Terminate Lessons:  Please notify our office by the 15th of the current month that you wish to discontinue lessons at the end of the month.


Cancellation Policy

If you need to cancel please contact your instructor or call the MMA Office at (615) 301-8589

Please note:  The cancellation policy is not meant to be punitive; teachers rely on lessons as income and must be able to count on a steady and expected income.

Out of respect for the teachers, please do not ask the teachers to disregard or make exceptions to the cancellation policy.

Excused Cancellations: One excused cancellation per semester is free of charge.  

  • Any Student Cancellations made before the day of the lesson is an excused cancellation.
  • One Excused Student Cancellation per semester is permitted free of charge.  (Summers not included)
    • Fall Semester:  September 1 – December 31
    • Spring Semester:  January 1 – May 31
    • This will not apply during the summer months – June - August
  • Major Federal Holidays will not be charged as a cancellation.  (Thanksgiving Break, Christmas Break, Labor Day, New Years, Memorial Day, Easter Break)
  •  Makeups or rescheduled lessons are at the teacher’s discretion

Unexcused Cancellations:  Charged 100% of time

  • Any student cancellations on the calendar day of the lesson are an Unexcused Cancellation.
  • Unexcused Cancellations will be charged 100% of the time.

All Weather Cancellations and Instructor Cancellations will not be charged unless the lesson is made up.

Weather Cancellations:  Mobile Music Academy does not follow school closings for Weather Cancellations.  Each individual instructor will make their own decision about Weather Cancellations.  If lessons are cancelled by the instructor, they will not be charged.  If you feel it is unsafe for the instructor to drive in your neighborhood, please notify the instructor or the MMA office as soon as possible.

Instructors will try to make up any lessons due to Teacher or Weather Cancellations.

Instructor Cancellations will be kept to a minimum, if you wish to change instructors due to inconsistent lessons please contact the MMA Office. Our goal is to have no more than one teacher cancellation per student per semester.

Special consideration can be made for students with specific issues (chronic illness, traveling, etc.) The MMA Office, Instructor and Student will come to an understanding regarding these situations and create a waiver to this policy for that individual student.

If a leave of absence is needed, please contact the MMA Office to suspend lessons. This would be for instances such as broken bones, long term illness, etc...

Terminate Lessons:
To terminate lessons please notify our office by the 15th of the current month that you wish to discontinue lessons at the end of the month.  Students are expected to complete the month they are in.

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