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Frequently Asked Questions

This is where you will find most answers. If there should still be any questions left, don’t hesitate to contact us.


Are you a local company?
Yes, Mobile Music Academy’s office is located in Lebanon, TN. We contract with instructors throughout the Middle TN area.
What kind of programs do you offer?
In addition to our private instruction on a variety of instruments, we also offer group music classes as well as, several daytime options for Homeschool Groups and classes for schools to enhance their music programs.
What ages of students can enroll in lessons?
Starting age can vary depending on the instrument as well as the child. Some instruments are just too big for a young child to hold. A good place to start is that the student at least knows their letters, right from left, and has the ability to pay attention for a 30 minute lesson.
Can I speak with the instructor before I book the lesson?
The instructor will contact you to introduce themselves and schedule your lesson time. During that first call, the instructor will discuss what you are looking to accomplish through your lessons and will answer any questions about the lesson plan that you may have. MMA office staff will be available to answer any other questions you may have.
How do I know my instructor is safe and qualified?
Every instructor goes through an interview process and (we have run a) background check.
How far in advance do I need to schedule my first lesson?
Really, it just depends on the circumstances. Typically, we start within a couple of days but we have started as early as the same day.
Can I change the day, time, or duration of my lesson?
Yes, you can change the details of your lessons at any time. Typically you can arrange this with your teacher or contact the MMA office and we will assist you. Be sure that you give them at least a 24 hour notice prior to the lesson to avoid being charged for a Lesson Day Cancellation. Please keep in mind that sometimes the same teacher will not be able to do a day or time change, if that occurs we can set you up with another great teacher.
What is your rescheduling policy?
Some teachers are able to reschedule lessons while others are not. Please talk to your teacher regarding rescheduling lessons.
Am I required to take a certain number of lessons each month?
Generally, lessons are taken once per week, on a weekly basis.
Do I need to have my own instrument in order to take a lesson?
We suggest that you do have your own instrument. Practice is the main ingredient for success and there is no way to practice without your own instrument. If you need guidance on what type of instrument to buy please contact us.
Do I need to practice?
The short answer is YES! Studies show that the main difference between students who learn to play an instrument and those who don’t is Practice Time. Though innate ability helps, practice is the key to success as a musician. It will be common for students of all ages to go through times that they do not want to practice as much. The instructor will work with the student to help refocus them at these times. We suggest that you set a practice schedule that the student follows every week. This will build in the consistency that will lead to success. Some children may have to be told to practice, this is a normal part of the process. Some of the beginning stages of learning an instrument are not that exciting. Those who practice will quickly move through these stages quickly and be able to play more enjoyable songs earlier on than those who do not.
How long until I see some results?
You control your own results! Practice is the main ingredient for success. Remember, you want to learn to play an instrument and practice is simply playing with a purpose!
Do you have recitals?
Individual instructors may have recitals as well as occasional companywide recitals, depending on location. Some instruments take longer to study before it is appropriate to participate in a recital.
What will I learn in the lessons?
Each Instructor will evaluate the needs and goals of the student. They will then customize a lesson plan to meet those needs and goals.
Do you have a referral policy?
Yes, we give a free 30 minute lesson for each family that is referred. (some limitations may apply)

Payment Questions

How Can I Pay?
Lessons are charged by credit card, once per month. You will setup your credit card in your online lesson portal after the first lesson.
How much do you charge for lessons?
Lesson rates vary depending on the location of the lesson and the length of the lesson itself. Please CONTACT US for more information.
Can I pay cash or money order?

We do not accept Cash, Check, or Money Order

Can I pay the instructor?
No, Instructors are prohibited to accept any payment for lessons other than reimbursement for materials used.
When is the payment due?

Lessons are charged on the 3rd of every month for the previous month’s lessons. 

Example:  Lessons charged on November 3rd would actually be for the lessons taken in October.

What Holidays do you not teach lessons on?

If the student and teacher wish to take a lesson on a scheduled holiday they are able to do so.