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Customer Reviews

  • Finally, Convenience!

    “My son has been taking guitar lessons from Mobile Music Academy since June. I love that the teacher comes to us. In the past when my children took various music lessons I spent 30 minutes to an hour parked in some teacher’s driveway waiting on the lessons to be finished. The teacher coming to us enables me to continue with what I need to do while my son is learning. My son absolutely loves his teacher and is progressing at a good pace. The fee is within the normal range of other music lessons and you have the added bonus of having them come to you. Jonathan Gaertner, the lead instructor, keeps in constant contact and is always very quick to reply to any questions or comments that come up in the course of the lessons. I recommend Mobile Music Academy to all my friends when they mention music lessons.”

  • Tell them what you need and they’ll make it work!

    “My 7 year old took piano lessons for almost a year and loves to play but her teacher was not the best fit for her. I called MMA and they asked me very specific questions about what we needed/were looking for. Her new teacher is a perfect fit and we love her so much that my 5 year old is taking now as well. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that she comes to the house. I can multi-task (a mom’s favorite thing) piano getting done while I make dinner! Thanks MMA!”

  • Great convenience and great teaching!

    “My husband and I are in our 30’s and we both decided it was time to learn how to play the piano. After researching the internet, I found the MMA website in Nashville and emailed them. In less than 12 hours, I’d received an email and in less than 24 hours, I’d received a phone call. Jonathan set us up with an instructor in Murfreesboro who we absolutely enjoy. Aaron has been to our house four times now, and we are surprised at how much and how quickly we learn. I highly recommended them to anyone wanting excellent instruction and great convenience.”

  • Violin Lessons minus the schlepping

    “Easy violin lessons, from a wonderful teacher. My daughter enjoys her violin lessons, although she still doesn’t practice enough! However, that is a perennial problem. The schlepping problem, for me, has been solved since her teacher comes to our home. Thank you for this program.”

  • Very courteous and professional

    “We absolutely love Mobile Music Academy! We have always wanted our children to take music lessons but with our large family we just couldn’t fit in one more night away from home during dinner time. When we found MMA through a parents magazine we were thrilled and have been thrilled since starting lessons. My children love their instructor, Jonathan, and we love him too. He has been so kind and patient with the kids and also very courteous and professional with us. Payments are easy to make, with a friendly monthly reminder and just a click online. We would not have been able to take lessons if not for their friendly, convenient services. We have had a wonderful experience and highly recommend them.”

  • After school activity for daughter of Working Mom

    “As a working mom it was very difficult to have my 5 year old daughter enrolled in after school extracurricular activities. Mobile Music Academy solved that problem. MMA comes to my house for a 30 minute violin lesson once a week while my afterschool nanny supervises. My daughter loves her violin teacher, Jessica! MMA was great about referring me to a place to rent a violin that is just her size. My daughter was playing short songs on the violin by the end of the 4th lesson! Thank you Mobile Music Academy!”

  • Not just for kids

    “I dabbled with keyboard and piano for years. I decided it was time to stop saying, “I’d like to play like that”. The MMA team asked several questions about what I wanted to get out of lessons, what type of music I liked, etc. and then matched the PERFECT instructor for me. I am challenged every week with new music styles, new charts, new terminology, and new techniques. I can’t explain how much fun I’m having learning at home on my own keyboard. For example, last week I thought about this awesome neo-soul song I’ve always liked. Great chords – R&B, jazzy, nice vocals. My instructor charted the song and with a few days of practice, I can’t believe my own progress. Absolutely awesome. MMA Instructors are excellent communicators and listeners. My lessons are tailored to my learning speed and capabilities. I’m still a beginner in a lot of areas, but I’m definitely building a fake book of personal favorites in a short period of time.”

  • Reliable and very patient with our twins

    “We have thouroughly enjoyed having our twins take piano lessons from Mobile Music Academy for the past 3 months. Our instructor is reliable and very patient. The girls are progressing at a fabulous rate. I love having the instructor come to our home. We have to drive for dance lessons, softball, etc. To have one afternoon where I can stay home and get things done is great!! The system for payment is also convenient. I am reminded every month to pay and then can pay online. Thank you Mobile Music Academy for offering this service.”

  • Couldn’t be happier

    “I was thrilled when I found Mobile Music Academy on the web but I was not prepared to be as thrilled as I am. My daughter has a great time taking lessons and the convenience is more that I realized. With all of the other activities that she has going on, it is wonderful to have one that only requires me to be home at a specific time!!”

  • Excellent Music Teacher!!

    “We have really enjoyed our time with Mobile Music Academy! Our daughter began taking lessons earlier this year and has quickly advanced due to the patience and gentle instruction from the teacher. He is very trustworthy and encouraging. She looks forward to her lessons! We have also enjoyed having the lesson in our home. I would highly recommend Mobile Music Academy!”