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Music Production and Recording Lessons

Produce Professional Tracks at Home: Learn Recording Techniques with Music Lessons

Who can do this?

Typically, anyone who has the necessary equipment can learn music recording, but we do suggest teens and up.   

What equipment is needed?

If you have not already purchased, please wait so that we can have a teacher assess your needs and give assistance with what to purchase.

  • Computer – Mac is industry standard

  • Software –There are a lot of programs to choose from and everyone seems to have their favorite.  A few examples are:  GarageBand, Logic Pro X, ProTools, Ableton Live

  • Microphone – You will need a mic if you are wanting to do vocal or an instrument that does not have a direct plug in.

  • Input Device – You may also need an input device to plug your mic or other instruments in.

Master Your DAW: Learn Music Production from Home with Expert Guidance

Thanks to music recording software you can now produce great sounding tracks with a computer, software, mic, and instrument all in your home, never having to purchase time in an expensive studio. The only problem, the software tends to be expansive and can have a difficult learning curve. Music Recording Lessons are a great option to learn the proper way to use your DAW software and take your tracks to the next level.

Types of Lessons

Take the hassle out of your music lessons.
  •  Weekly Lessons – Typically 45 or 60 minute lessons 

  • a la carte Lessons – These lessons tend to be random, 60-minutes or longer.  Duration varies depending on specific need

  • Setup/Get Started Lessons – Much like a la carte lessons the teacher will come to you, help you get everything set up and get you started.  Duration varies depending on specific need but tends to be at least 60-minutes but usually a few hours.  

Learn Music Production in the comfort of your home:

Take the hassle out of your music lessons.
  • No more worries about traffic

  • Save money on gas

  • No more “Taxi Driver” Parents – Save Mom and Dad from one more trip to make

  • Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced lessons taught.

What can you do with this?

  • Record your vocals, instruments, etc.

  • Mix your recorded tracks into one great sounding piece.

  • Produce your songs the way you want them to sound.

Who can use this?

  • Songwriters – Demo Production

  • Studio Engineers – Recording

  • Musicians

  • Video – Add great sounding audio to your videos

It’s easy to take the next step: