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Saxophone Lessons

Age to Begin Lessons
(Ages seven and up):

Young children can begin sax lessons as soon as seven or eight years old. The larger saxophones can be rather large instruments, so take this into consideration when choosing an instrument for a child. The saxophone is also a great instrument for adults wishing to learn another instrument or pick one up for the first time.

Purchase Requirements:

Many student and intermediate models can be purchased or rented at a reasonable price. There are four main kinds of saxophone: the soprano, alto, tenor, and baritone. In addition to an instrument, the correct stiffness of reeds is also a consideration to be discussed with your Saxophone teacher. Generally, new students on the sax should choose reeds that are softer rather than harder.

Unlock Your Saxophone Potential

Our sax teachers teach a variety of styles from classical and jazz to popular music. Whether you are just getting started in school band or looking to take your playing to the next level we have the saxophone instructor for you.

Learn to play the Sax in the comfort of your home:

Take the hassle out of your music lessons.
  • No more worries about traffic

  • Save money on gas

  • No more “Taxi Driver” Parents – Save Mom and Dad from one more trip to make

  • Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced lessons taught.

Instructors you can believe in:

Our Sax Instructors are some of the best in the area.  More than just skilled musicians, our instructors have the “Heart of a Teacher”, their passion is to teach their students the joy of playing the saxophone.

Each Mobile Music Academy Saxophone Teacher has gone through a thorough interview process including a background check.  We take our lessons seriously and only choose the top candidates as our instructors.

Saxophone Teachers matched to you:

We take the time to learn about each student’s needs and goals and then match the “right” sax teacher to the student. No matter the age, style or skill level we have a teacher that is the right fit for each student.

It’s easy to take the next step: