Now Offering Online Violin Lessons

In Home Violin Lessons

In Home Violin Lessons

Our violin teachers teach both Suzuki Violin and Traditional Note Reading. Typically, we teach a mixture of the two methods. Beginning violin students can expect to work on learning to read music and rhythm, proper bowing and technique. We balance musicianship and fun by making sure that each lesson the student is challenged with a new technical or theory concept, but always try to end with something fun like a song you know.  If you lean towards the country side of life, we have fiddle teachers that will help turn that classical violin into a grand ole fiddle.  

Learn to play the Violin or Fiddle in the comfort of your home:

Take the hassle out of your music lessons.  

  • No more worries about traffic
  • Save money on gas
  • No more "Taxi Driver" Parents - Save Mom and Dad from one more trip to make
  • Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced lessons taught.

Instructors you can believe in:

Our Violin Instructors are some of the best in the area.  More than just skilled musicians, our instructors have the “Heart of a Teacher", their passion is to teach each student the joy of playing the playing Violin.  We have Violin and Fiddle Teachers for just about any style or method that you wish to learn.

Each Mobile Music Academy Violin Teacher has gone through a thorough interview process including a background check.  We take our music lessons seriously and only choose the top candidates as our string instructors.

Violin/Fiddle Teachers matched to you:

We take the time to learn about each student's needs and goals and then match the right violin instructor to the student.  No matter the age, style or skill level, fiddle or violin we have a teacher that is the right fit for each student.

Age to Begin Lessons (Ages five and Up):

We recommend five years old as a starting point, though some students may be able to start a year earlier using an alternative learning approach.  Be sure that you get the right size instrument for the student, there are many different sizes of violins so be sure to get yours sized to your child.

Purchase Requirements:

Those students looking to upgrade to a high quality stringed instrument should be sure to test out several different types. Older instruments are a good investment, though more expensive than modern models. We will happily give you tips to help you find the right model.

The most affordable entry into stringed instruments is through renting, though the quality is usually lower. Still, this is a great option for young children who need a smaller model to start. If they progress well and continue playing as they get older, it makes sense to purchase a full-size model.

It's easy to take the next step:

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